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Never risk buying a new house before doing pre-purchase Building Inspections Adelaide.  For you your house or property may look to be in perfect condition and a great purchase opportunity, but there are often things you have missed that will jeopardise the value of your purchase. This is where we can help you!

Our thorough pre-purchase house & building inspection Adelaide thoroughly assess all the right things, providing you with a complete report to leave you feeling assured. To ensure that you’re not purchasing a property that has significant pest problems or structural issues, B4UBUY pre-purchase Building inspections Adelaide cover the following:

  • Balustrades and handrails
  • Bathroom areas inspection for excess moisture, leaks, tiles and condition of plumbing fixtures
  • Brickwork, plaster, render, paint and mortar joints
  • Inspections performed in accordance with AS 4349.1
  • Concrete floors inspections for cracking, surface damage and dampness
  • Roof, gutters, downpipes, storm water and drainage
  • Roof space inspection for physical damage and deterioration
  • Structural integrity of the main building, retaining walls and nearby structures (sheds, pergolas etc) within 30m of the home and boundary
  • Timber floors inspections for damage, decay, dampness and movement
  • Water invasion, salt damp and water associated damage
  • Windows, kitchen and other fixed joinery


At B4UBUY Building Inspections Adelaide, we’re dedicated to providing the most accurate building inspection Adelaide for our clients and understand the importance of ensuring a potential property purchase is not going to end up costing you thousands in structural repairs. Our principal building inspector and owner, Peter Spajic, has over 37 years of experience in the building industry, equipping him with the expertise to conduct the most thorough building inspections.

We look in all the hard-to-access areas such as the roof cavity and foundations and fill out a comprehensive report detailing how the inspections was carried out, and any potential issues. Whether you’re buying, selling, maintaining or renovating, we help to make your decision and informed one. Don’t risk the health and safety of your family with hidden infestation or structural problems.

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So you’ve finally found your dream home and the auction is fast approaching. You’ve arranged your finances, spoken to the agents and have all the paperwork in order. But if you haven’t had the property inspected by professionals, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

B4UBUY pre purchase building inspections Adelaide help you completely understand the condition of the property before purchase. Whether it’s identifying minor maintenance issues or major structural defects, a B4UBUY inspections provides you with the essential information you need to make an informed purchase and save a great deal of money, stress and hassle in the future.

Don’t leave your Building inspection Adelaide in the hands of unqualified builders – leave it to the professionals at B4UBUY. We boast a team of fully qualified building inspectors who have an eye for detail.

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Contact us today to book your pre purchase home & building inspections in Adelaide. Ensure you know what you’re buying!